One of the very first high-speed lure styles, the jet head gained quick popularity among both bill fishermen and meat fishermen alike. Bill fishermen liked the lure's ability to cover lots of ground, while wahoo, dolphin and king mackerel fishermen found that these fast-moving lures would elicit more strikes from their speedy targets.

Red Eye Trolling Lures'  line of jet heads took a tried-and-true design and improved upon it. Unlike most jet-head lures, Red Eyes force water to the outside of the head rather than through the skirts to keep from washing out your baits at high speeds.
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All of the heads are built from aircraft-quality stainless steel or anodized aluminum and come with a trademark three-dimensional, prismatic red eye. We use no lead in our lures. 
Red Eye Trolling Lures a tried and true design of stainless steel and aluminum fishing lures.
All skirts come hand-tied to the lure head, not glued or taped on to allow for easy re-skirting. The lures work equally well when run naked or with baits and at a variety of speeds. All lures come double skirted for the best bait presentation.

Red Eye Trolling Lures come in sizes that range from 1 to 23 ounces depending on the material you prefer (aluminum or stainless).
Red Eye Tuna Sticks are a sure catch all.  They come in Solid Stainelss Steel and Solid Aluminum in sizes of 6", 4" and 2".
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