Trolling Lures

Red Eye Trolling Lures’ line of Jet Heads took a tried-and-true-design and improved upon it.

Unlike most jet-head lures, Red Eyes force water to the outside of the head rather than through the skirts to keep from washing out your baits at high speed.

All skirts come hand-tied to the lure head, not glued or taped on to allow for easy re-skirting. The lures work equally well when run naked or with baits and at a variety of speeds. All lures come double skirted for the best bait presentation.

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Trolling lURES


This is it.

This lures is made of solid aluminum and anodized for a brilliant shine. At 2″ in length, we have combined it with a specific double hook that allows this lure to swim freely and act like a small baitfish. An absolute assassin when teamed up on a daisy chain, spreader bar or umbrella rig. At lower speeds, it works great for blackfin tuna or for sight casting to gather peanut or schoolie dolphin. Rig with monofilament, wire or fluorocarbon. 

Red Eye tuna sticks are a sure catch all.

They come in Solid Stainless Steel or Solid Aluminum in sizes of 6″, 4″ and 2″.