Red Eye Trolling Lures are manufactured on CNC lathes for consistency and precision of product.

This type lathe is designed to use modern carbide tooling and fully use modern processes. Our design is programmed by the CAD/CAM process uploaded to the machine.  Once set the machine continues to turn out parts under supervision of an operator. 

The lathe is controlled electronically via a computer menu style interface. Our program may be modified and displayed at the machine, along with a simulated view of the process. The setter/operator needs a high level of skill.

Lure Heads

Owner/CEO Marty Hatcher’s extensive background in Aircraft Landing Gear components is vital to the current and future design and developmental stages. With 25+ years experience in the aviation industry, he has developed the necessary skills needed to produce high quality offshore artificial lures.

Manufacturing 036

Using aircraft quality alloys, Red Eye Trolling Lures spares no expense in procuring the required resources in order to achieve the High Quality standards they have become recognized for.

Manufacturing 024

This image incorporates a 3rd axis machining center which allows the jets and eyes to be machined to maintain concentricity and balance.

Manufacturing 041 copy

Utilizing state of the art CNC machining techniques, Red Eye Trolling Lures produces the highest quality artificial lures on the market.

Manufacturing 009 copy

Highly skilled operators are employed to produce  the CNC machined lures. They are then submitted through a polishing process that generates a mirror-like finish.